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You did not start your startup to do bank reconciliation and VAT reports,
but we did.

We started our business so you can focus on yours.

Get clear picture about your finances in time.


Our Services


Professional CPA's & Automated Systems deliver books that you and your investors can trust.

  • Accurate financials, delivered on-time.

  • Financial transparency with Cloud Accounting Platform

  • Unlimited Bookkeeping support

  • Payroll & ESOP Plans


Raising capital or beginning hyper-growth? Our CFOs provide valuable financial guidance.

  • Dynamic Budget based on real time numbers

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Metrics top investors ask

  • Fintech system setup


We work seamlessly behind the scenes to get all your filings done on time. ​​

  • Yearly tax returns, tax compliance, registrations,
    VAT and more.

  • Support for entities with foreign subsidiaries

  • Founders’ Tax filings

  • Engineered tax services

Why we opened Aleph Accounting?

Being myself a serial entrepreneur I remember spending countless hours and  precious time collecting recipes, filling my travel report and other mundane tasks that are not directly related to my startup growth. 

A founder can do their own books internally until the company has raised at least $250,000 in funding. Cash is too tight to spend on outside services. But as soon as the company has enough funding, the founder should have better things to do than QuickBooks.


Finally, the startups are constantly raising funds and we expect to go through venture capital due diligence for their next funding round. Your accountant can either make financial diligence a breeze - or can dramatically slow down your deal. 

With Aleph Accounting, entrepreneurs can automate repetitive bookkeeping processes and focus on the strategic priorities of the business, providing financial metrics quickly to investors.
As your business grows, changes, adds subsidiaries, goes public, acquires companies all over the world, Aleph Accounting  is purpose-built to keep up and enable you at every stage of your business. 

Meet the Team

Lena Levin.jpg

Lena Levin, CPA, MBA

  • Linkedin
Yoas Ron.jpg

Yoash Ron, CPA, LL.B.

  • Linkedin

We partner with the best

CPAs Globally

Part of Alliot Group -

A multidisciplinary alliance working together as one.

Accounting & legal solutions for growing

international businesses.

Aleph Accounting offers monthly bookkeeping price packages that ranges depending on the complexity of your books, the number of transactions and number of employees. 

What influences the Package Price:

Transaction Volume

Transaction volume is just simply how many transactions does your company have every month

Number of Employees

How many people are on your payroll? Do you have international employees and various ESOP plans?

Complex and
Unique Contracts

Unique contracts create more complicated accounting work to reliably produce GAAP-based, accrual financial statements (which are important for VC funding).

Special Budgets for Grants from IIA or Horizon

Usually these budgets require separate “project-like” accounting and more complex bookkeeping.


All packages include:

Services, Support and Technology.

Transform your books into beautiful,
powerful financial deck.

Reporting Charts Aleph Accounting
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